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+OrangePi PC
+This default configuration will allow you to start experimenting with the
+buildroot environment for the OrangePi PC. With the current configuration
+it will bring-up the board, and allow access trough the serial console.
+Unfortunately this boards processor is not yet supported by the
+mainline kernel, and therefore this default configuration is using a
+private Linux kernel repository based on 4.4-rc.
+How to build it
+Configure Buildroot:
+ $ make orangepipc_defconfig
+Compile everything and build the SD card image:
+ $ make
+How to write the SD card
+Once the build process is finished you will have an image called "sdcard.img"
+in the output/images/ directory.
+Copy the bootable "sdcard.img" onto an SD card with "dd":
+ $ sudo dd if=output/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/sdX