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configs/imx7dpico: Bump U-Boot to 2019.07 and kernel to version 5.1.16.
Also - adjust the U-Boot binary name after DM conversion. - add missing notes about flashing U-Boot and SPL Signed-off-by: Joris Offouga <offougajoris@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Arnout Vandecappelle (Essensium/Mind) <arnout@mind.be>
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@@ -20,10 +20,63 @@ You will find in output/images/ the following files:
- rootfs.ext4
- rootfs.tar
- sdcard.img
- - u-boot.img
+ - u-boot-dtb.img
- zImage
+Flash U-Boot and SPL
+Note: This method is convenient for development purposes.
+If the eMMC has already a U-Boot flashed with DFU support then
+the user can go to step 2 below in order to update U-Boot.
+Put pico board in USB download mode (refer to the PICO-iMX7D Quick Start Guide
+page 3)
+Connect a USB to serial adapter between the host PC and pico.
+Connect a USB cable between the OTG pico port and the host PC.
+Note: Some computers may be a bit strict with USB current draw and will
+shut down their ports if the draw is too high. The solution for that is
+to use an externally powered USB hub between the board and the host computer.
+Open a terminal program such as minicom.
+Copy SPL and u-boot-dtb.img to the imx_usb_loader folder.
+Load the SPL binary via USB:
+$ sudo ./imx_usb SPL
+Load the u-boot-dtb.img binary via USB:
+$ sudo ./imx_usb u-boot-dtb.img
+Then U-Boot starts and its messages appear in the console program.
+Use the default environment variables:
+=> env default -f -a
+=> saveenv
+Run the DFU agent so we can flash the new images using dfu-util tool:
+=> dfu 0 mmc 0
+Flash SPL and u-boot-dtb.img into the eMMC running the following commands on a PC:
+$ sudo dfu-util -D SPL -a spl
+$ sudo dfu-util -D u-boot-dtb.img -a u-boot
+Remove power from the pico board.
+Put pico board into normal boot mode.
+Power up the board and the new updated U-Boot should boot from eMMC.
Flash the eMMC