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configs: add defconfig for TS-7680
The TS-7680 is an i.MX286 ARM ARM926EJ-S board with 10/100 Ethernet, USB port, eMMC and CAN ports. The TS-7680 uses a 3.14.28 Linux kernel provided by Technologic Systems: https://github.com/embeddedarm/linux-3.14.28-imx28 U-Boot is not provided as the manufacturer recommends not to update the built-in bootloader. For more informations please see: https://wiki.embeddedarm.com/wiki/TS-7680 Signed-off-by: Julien Grossholtz <julien.grossholtz@savoirfairelinux.com> [Thomas: use same headers as the kernel being built, update .gitlab-ci.yml.] Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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+image sdcard.img {
+ hdimage {
+ }
+ partition unused {
+ size = 512B
+ }
+ partition rootfs {
+ partition-type = 0x83
+ image = "rootfs.ext4"
+ size = 256M
+ }
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+Technologic Systems TS-7680 SBC
+This document explains how to set up a basic Buildroot system for
+the Technologic Systems TS-7680 Single Board Computer.
+The TS-7680 SBC is based on the Freescale i.MX286 ARM ARM926EJ-S
+running at 454MHz. The TS-7680 features are 10/100 Ethernet ports,
+Wi-Fi, microSD card, eMMC, NOR Flash, USB host port, CAN ports,
+relays and ADC/DAC. More details on the board here:
+The TS-7680 uses a 3.14.28 Linux kernel provided by
+Technologic Systems.
+To build the default configuration you only have to run:
+ $ make ts7680_defconfig
+ $ make
+The output looks like:
+├── imx28-ts7680.dtb
+├── rootfs.ext2
+├── rootfs.ext4 -> rootfs.ext2
+├── rootfs.tar
+├── sdcard.img
+└── uImage
+The provided genimage configuration generates an image file containing
+two partitions. The first one is unused, but mandatory as the
+TS-7680 built-in bootloader loads the Linux uImage from the /boot
+directory in the second partition. The second partition contains the
+rootfs with the Linux uImage into the /boot directory.
+ $ fdisk output/images/sdcard.img
+ output/images/sdcard.img1 1 1 1 512B 0 Empty
+ output/images/sdcard.img2 2 524289 524288 256M 83 Linux
+This image can be directly written to an SD card.
+ $ sudo dd if=output/images/sdcard.img of=/dev/mmcblk0
+To boot with Buildroot, insert this SD card on the board, make sure
+the SD jumper is present and the U-Boot jumper is not.
+The bootloader comes pre-flashed on the board on an SPI flash. Since
+updating the bootloader is risky and not trivial, it is not included
+in the Buildroot defconfig. Refer to
+https://wiki.embeddedarm.com/wiki/TS-7680#U-Boot for details on
+which U-Boot config to use and how to flash it.