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authorGravatar Adam Duskett <aduskett@gmail.com>2018-07-20 12:10:21 -0400
committerGravatar Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@bootlin.com>2018-08-18 11:17:07 +0200
commit6e7e733f3bbd8669e02f097ad5a49ba565e1718e (patch)
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python3: bump to 3.7.0
Other changes include: - Refreshing all necessary patches for 3.7.0 - Add a hash for the license file. - Python no longer has it's own internal libffi, as such, host-libffi is now required to build host-python3, and is added as a dependency. - Drop PYTHON3_LIBTOOL_PATCH = NO, since there is no longer any internal libffi copy that was causing the libtool patching process to fail. - A new core module "uuid" is now is added in the Config.in file, and relies on util-linux's uuid library. - Also, a new patch: 0030-Fix-cross-compiling-the-uuid-module.patch is required to fix compiling the uuid module, because the include directory search path for uuid.h is hardcoded to /usr/include/uuid, which causes an "unsafe for cross-compilation" error during compiling if the host pc has uuid headers installed. - 0031-Add-an-option-to-disable-uuid-module.patch is added to allow disabling the Python3 UUID module, so that when BR2_PACKAGE_PYTHON3_UUID is disabled by the UUID library is present, the uuid Python module is not built, as expected. - 0032-fix-building-on-older-distributions.patch is added to change os.replace by os.rename in the update_file.py script to fix building on older Linux distributions that have older versions of python that don't include os.replace. os.rename acts in the same way as os.replace, but is cross-platform compatible. Because Buildroot is guaranteed to be built in a POSIX environment, it is safe to change replace to rename. Tested on CentOS6 and Fedora28, All test results passed: br-arm-full [1/6]: OK br-arm-cortex-a9-glibc [2/6]: OK br-arm-cortex-m4-full [3/6]: SKIPPED br-x86-64-musl [4/6]: OK br-arm-full-static [5/6]: SKIPPED armv5-ctng-linux-gnueabi [6/6]: OK 6 builds, 2 skipped, 0 build failed, 0 legal-info failed Signed-off-by: Adam Duskett <aduskett@gmail.com> [Thomas: - remove PYTHON3_LIBTOOL_PATCH = NO - improve the solution in patch 0030-Fix-cross-compiling-the-uuid-module - add patch 0031-Add-an-option-to-disable-uuid-module] Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@bootlin.com>
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diff --git a/package/python3/0004-Adjust-library-header-paths-for-cross-compilation.patch b/package/python3/0004-Adjust-library-header-paths-for-cross-compilation.patch
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--- a/package/python3/0004-Adjust-library-header-paths-for-cross-compilation.patch
+++ b/package/python3/0004-Adjust-library-header-paths-for-cross-compilation.patch
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ index 2bcd1dd288..422c13fa4f 100644
+ BASE_EXEC_PREFIX = os.path.normpath(sys.base_exec_prefix)
# Path to the base directory of the project. On Windows the binary may
- # live in project/PCBuild/win32 or project/PCBuild/amd64.
+ # live in project/PCbuild/win32 or project/PCbuild/amd64.