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The global source-check and per-package <pkg>-source-check
targets have been removed.
+ Architecture: Add x86 Silvermont variant. Add several new ARM
+ variants, rework MIPS NaN logic. Support mainline binutils/gcc
+ for ARC.
+ Toolchains: Linaro toolchains upgraded to 2017.11 release, ARC
+ external toolchains upgraded to arc-2017.09. Libatomic is now
+ also copied for external musl based toolchains.
+ Add binutils 2.30.x and switch to binutils 2.29.x by default.
+ Added hardening options to build with RELRO and FORTITY.
+ New defconfigs: Bananapi M64, FriendlyARM Nanopi A64 & NEO2,
+ imx6slevk, imx6sx-sdb, imx6ulevk, Olimex A64-OLinuXino,
+ Orangepi lite / pc plus / pc / prime / win / win plus / zero
+ plus2, Pine64, Solidrun MacchiatoBin. Sopine.
+ Add utils/diffconfig, a simple utility for comparing
+ configuration files - Adapted from the version in the
+ Linux kernel.
+ Infrastructure: Check that the same file is not touched by
+ multiple packages, as a preparation for toplevel parallel
+ builds.
+ Hashes for the license files for a large number of packages
+ have been added, ensuring that license changes will not be
+ missed when packages are bumped.
+ Fix build issue for autotools based packages checking for C++
+ support on toolchains without C++ support and on a distro
+ lacking /lib/cpp (E.G. Arch Linux).
+ Support for the meson build system.
+ Pie charts generated by 'graph-build' or 'graph-size' are now
+ sorted according to the size of each piece.
+ System: Only show getty options when busybox init or sysvinit
+ are used.
+ ARM-trusted-firmware: Support ATF bundled in U-Boot as
+ well as U-Boot bundled in ATF.
+ Zlib is now a virtual package, provided by either libzlib or
+ zlib-ng, similar to openssl.
+ New packages: aoetools, armbian-firmware, binaries-marvell,
+ brltty, cups-filters, curlpp, daq, flatbuffers, gconf,
+ glorytun, gstreamer1-mm, imx-m4fwloader, imx-gpu-g2d,
+ json-for-modern-cpp, libcpprestsdk, libgta, libostree,
+ libupnp18, luadbi, luadbi-sqlite3, lua-utf8, lynx, meson,
+ mv-ddr-marvell, nilfs-utils, opentracing-cpp, open-lldp, pimd,
+ proj, python-flask-cors, python-jaraco-classes,
+ python-more-itertools, python-oauthlib, python-raven,
+ python-remi, python-requests-oauthlib, python-schedule,
+ python-secretstorage, python-see, python-tabledata,
+ python-txtorcon, python-xlib, qt5charts, rtl8189fs, rtl8723bu,
+ rygel, safeclib, solatus, tcf-agent, traceroute, waylandpp,
+ wolfssl, zisofs-tools, zlib-ng
+ Removed packages: eeprog
2017.11.2, Released January 21st, 2018
Important / security related fixes.