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-This is the buildroot board support for the Avnet Zedboard. The Zedboard is
-a development board based on the Xilinx Zynq-7000 based All-Programmable
-Zedboard information including schematics, reference designs, and manuals are
-available from http://www.zedboard.org .
-Steps to create a working system for Zedboard:
-1) make zynq_zed_defconfig
-2) make
-3) All needed files will be available in the output/images directory.
- Create a FAT32 partition at the beginning of your SD Card and copy files:
- - boot.bin
- - u-boot.img
- - uImage
- - uramdisk.image.gz (should be renamed from rootfs.cpio.uboot)
- - devicetree.dtb (should be renamed from zynq-zed.dtb)
- into your SD card
-4) boot your Zedboard
-You can alter the booting procedure by creating a file uEnv.txt
-in the root of the SD card. It is a plain text file in format
-<key>=<value> one per line: