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+The bootloader is no longer buildable in the latest Freescale/NXP tree or
+upstream. As such, retrieve the "Image: SDK V1.2 e500v2 Binary ISO" from
+NXP downloads and follow the release notes for reflashing.
+For programming the kernel and rootfs created by buildroot into the flash.
+The fast way is to tftp transfer the files via one of the network interfaces.
+Make sure your devkit has ipaddr and serverip defined to reach your tftp
+(Assuming the default u-boot env from NXP)
+1. Program the DTB to NOR flash
+ => setenv dtbfile p1025twr.dtb
+ => run dtbflash
+2. Program the kernel and rootfs to NOR flash (reusing orignal rootfs
+ NOR location, as the kernel location is to small)
+ => tftpboot $loadaddr uImage; protect off 0xeeb80000 +$filesize; erase 0xeeb80000 +$filesize; cp.b $loadaddr 0xeeb80000 $filesize; protect on 0xeeb80000 +$filesize; cmp.b $loadaddr 0xefa80000 $filesize
+3. Booting your new system
+ => bootm 0xeeb80000 - 0xefe80000
+ You can login with user "root".