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+ bool "qprint"
+ help
+ qprint is a program that encodes and decodes binary data in
+ the Quoted-Printable encoding, defined as a part of the MIME
+ specification in RFC 1521. This encoding allows for efficient
+ transfer of mostly ASCII data over transports that are only
+ 7-bit clean, like SMTP without 8BITMIME or BINARYMIME
+ extensions. It also allows the transfer of long lines of text
+ by wrapping them every 76 characters.
+ Usually, a sophisticated MUA will take care of automatically
+ choosing the best encodings for an e-mail. Nevertheless, this
+ utility may be useful when a MTA (e.g. msmtp) is used without
+ a MUA, or if using this encoding for other purposes is
+ desired.
+ https://www.fourmilab.ch/webtools/qprint/