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* configs/arcturus_ucls1012a: bump kernel to 4.14.140 and u-boot version to 201...Gravatar Michael Durrant2020-08-121-0/+5
* configs/arcturus_ucp1020: bump Linux and U-BootGravatar Oleksandr Zhadan2019-06-235-812/+1
* configs/arcturus_ucls1012a: new defconfigGravatar Oleksandr Zhadan2018-03-263-0/+94
* board/arcturus/ppc-ucp1020: add patch to fix build with gcc 6.x.Gravatar Oleksandr G Zhadan2017-07-151-0/+53
* configs: add Arcturus uCP1020 BSP supportGravatar Oleksandr G Zhadan2016-07-244-0/+832