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* board/armadeus: replace utf-8 graphic sympols by ascii charactersGravatar Peter Seiderer2019-05-181-5/+5
* configs/armadeus_apf28: bump kernel version to latest 4.9 LTSGravatar Julien BOIBESSOT2017-11-231-185/+0
* board: remove Armadeus's APF9328 supportGravatar Julien BOIBESSOT2017-08-211-7/+2
* configs/armadeus_apf27: bump to kernel 4.12.4Gravatar Philippe Reynes2017-07-311-10/+2
* board/armadeus: bump apf51 kernel to 4.4.30 (latest LTS)Gravatar Julien BOIBESSOT2016-11-071-7/+19
* board: bump armadeus apf28's kernel version to latest longterm (4.4.22)Gravatar Julien BOIBESSOT2016-09-261-2/+2
* board: add a readme for Armadeus boardsGravatar Julien BOIBESSOT2016-05-061-0/+89
* armadeus apf27: update kernel to 3.18.6Gravatar Philippe Reynes2015-02-101-16/+10
* configs/apf9328: bump to a modern kernelGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-11-112-42/+0
* apf27: bump kernel version to 3.13.2Gravatar trem2014-02-081-0/+0
* Add Armadeus systems APF51 SOM basic support.Gravatar Julien Boibessot2013-12-271-0/+266
* board: updates APF28 SOM support to Linux 3.12Gravatar Julien Boibessot2013-12-261-13/+18
* apf27: update configurationGravatar trem2013-12-151-1/+2
* Add Armadeus systems APF27 SOM basic supportGravatar Julien Boibessot2013-04-141-0/+229
* Add Armadeus systems APF28 SOM basic support.Gravatar Julien Boibessot2013-03-041-0/+180
* Add Armadeus systems APF9328 support.Gravatar Julien Boibessot2011-12-072-0/+42