path: root/configs/cubieboard2_defconfig
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* configs/cubieboard2: U-Boot needs pylibfdtGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2018-11-231-0/+1
* configs/cubieboard2: Update kernel to 4.18.14 and U-Boot to 2018.09Gravatar Alexey Brodkin2018-10-201-4/+4
* configs/cubieboard2_defconfig: use U-Boot boot script generation logicGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2017-06-221-2/+2
* configs: cubieboard2: use 4.6 kernel, u-boot 2016.05Gravatar Erico Nunes2016-05-301-4/+4
* linux: use zImage by default on ARMGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2016-04-051-1/+0
* configs: cubieboard2: correct genimage dependenciesGravatar Peter Korsgaard2016-03-131-0/+2
* defconfigs: all use the headers from the kernelGravatar Yann E. MORIN2016-02-061-2/+1
* configs: update cubieboard2 defconfigGravatar Erico Nunes2015-12-291-32/+22
* defconfigs: update after rename of custom git repo/version optionsGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2013-10-271-4/+4
* board: add cubieboard2 supportGravatar Carlos Quijano2013-09-191-0/+40