path: root/package/libvpx/libvpx.mk
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* package/libvpx: vp9 encoder needs c++Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2020-09-231-0/+7
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.9.0Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2020-09-211-1/+1
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.8.2Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2020-01-051-1/+1
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.8.1Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2019-08-281-1/+1
* package: remove 'v' prefix from github-fetched packagesGravatar Victor Huesca2019-06-191-2/+2
* package/libvpx: bump to version v1.8.0Gravatar Adam Duskett2019-05-011-1/+1
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.7.0Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2018-03-011-3/+2
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.6.1Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2017-04-061-1/+1
* boot, package: use SPDX short identifier for BSD-3cGravatar Rahul Bedarkar2017-04-011-1/+1
* package/libvpx: bump version to 1.6.0Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2016-08-041-1/+1
* libvpx: bump version to 1.4.0Gravatar Johan Sagaert2015-04-081-5/+3
* packages: rename FOO_CONF_OPT into FOO_CONF_OPTSGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-10-041-2/+2
* libvpx: bump to version 1.3.0Gravatar David du Colombier2014-10-011-1/+1
* Remove multimedia subdirectoryGravatar Jérôme Pouiller2013-09-081-0/+53