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* test_python_cryptography: fix code styleRicardo Martincoski9 days
* Merge branch 'next'Peter Korsgaard2018-03-05
| * support/testing: add python-cryptography testsYegor Yefremov2018-02-06
* | support/tests: enhance the runtime systemd testsYann E. MORIN2018-03-04
* | support/testing: fix job check-gitlab-ci.ymlRicardo Martincoski2018-02-13
* support/testing: add tests for RustEric Le Bihan2018-02-05
* testing/tests/boot/test_atf: fix code styleRicardo Martincoski2018-01-29
* tests: add test for post-fakeroot scriptYann E. MORIN2018-01-15
* fs/iso9660: fix transparent (de)compressionYann E. MORIN2018-01-02
* core/tests: add test for compressed iso9660Yann E. MORIN2017-12-31
* support/testing: TestATFMarvell needs BR2_TARGET_UBOOT_NEEDS_DTC=yThomas Petazzoni2017-12-12
* support/testing: add tests for ATFThomas Petazzoni2017-12-08
* support/testing: update ISO9660 test case Linux kernelThomas Petazzoni2017-10-21
* support/testing: use more recent toolchainsThomas Petazzoni2017-10-21
* support/run-tests: export download dirYann E. MORIN2017-10-10
* support/testing: fix remaining code styleRicardo Martincoski2017-10-06
* testing/tests/init: use lowercase method namesRicardo Martincoski2017-10-06
* support/testing: fix code styleRicardo Martincoski2017-10-06
* support/testing: standardize defconfig fragments styleRicardo Martincoski2017-10-06
* support/testing: allow to indent ccache defconfig fragmentRicardo Martincoski2017-10-06
* boot/grub: removeYann E. MORIN2017-09-23
* support/tests: use relative test_dirYann E. MORIN2017-09-05
* support/testing: allow to use a multiplier for timeoutsRicardo Martincoski2017-08-10
* support/testing: add runtime testing for read-only systemdYann E. MORIN2017-08-02
* support/testing: add runtime testing for init systemsYann E. MORIN2017-08-02
* testing/infra/emulator: remove qemu warnings about audioRicardo Martincoski2017-07-31
* support/testing: add test of BR2_CCACHE with an external toolchainArnout Vandecappelle2017-07-24
* testing/infra/basetest: move jlevel logic to constructorRicardo Martincoski2017-07-24
* support/testing: fix run-tests -jRicardo Martincoski2017-07-24
* testing/infra/builder: dump defconfig to logRicardo Martincoski2017-07-24
* testing/tests/package: add basic unit test for IPythonAndrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* testing/tests/package/test_python: allow to change timeoutAndrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* testing/tests/package/test_python: do not hardcode interpreter nameAndrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* testing/tests/package/test_python: add TestPython3Andrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* testing/tests/package/test_python: refactor TestPythonBaseAndrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* testing/infra/emulator: allow to specify pexpect timeoutAndrey Smirnov2017-07-22
* support/tests: allow properly indented config fragmentYann E. MORIN2017-07-18
* support/tests: fix ext4 runtime testYann E. MORIN2017-07-14
* support/testing: unbreak run-tests -lArnout Vandecappelle2017-07-10
* support/testing: move BRTest initialisation to __init__Arnout Vandecappelle2017-07-10
* support/testing: strip /usr/ part from HOST_DIRArnout Vandecappelle2017-07-10
* support/testing: remove references to host/usrArnout Vandecappelle2017-07-05
* support/testing: add tests for musl and uclibc toolchainsThomas Petazzoni2017-07-05
* support/testing: large timeout for login promptRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: run testcases in parallelRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: allow to set BR2_JLEVELRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: fix code style in emulatorRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: use pexpect.expect directlyRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: use pexpect.sendline directlyRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01
* support/testing: let pexpect write stdout to logRicardo Martincoski2017-07-01